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Titisee – 18

The rolling countryside was a sight to behold…

Titisee – 16

The local church. Its architecture interested me; almost completely solid masonry with just arrow-slits for windows – it spoke to me of uncertain years of war and depredation: maybe just my fanciful imagination getting the better of me! 🙂

Titisee – 7

I sat under the tree for its shade and then looked up…

Titisee – 4

Under the peach-blossoms…

On way to Titisee-Neustadt – 3

Dream places to live in….I imagined how fun it would be to be a kid living so near to a wood…

Lake Titisee

It was a lovely afternoon, the sun, clouds, and a cool breeze.

Heidelberg – 6

A view of the magnificent facade as we walked into Heidelberg castle. If you look carefully at the lions’ heads, each has a different expression. Started in 1214 with additions going up to the 16oos, Heidelberg Schloss is a magnificent old pile of stones indeed.

Heidelberg – 4

On the hill across from Heidelberg castle is the Philosopher’s Walk, the Philosophenweg. Paucity of time made me give up the idea of trekking on it, a regret that I still carry.

Heidelberg – 1

My next visit was to Heidelberg, the very next day. Work would start on the day after that and I knew I wouldn’t get much time for sightseeing. Heidelberg castle was my target but upon reaching there I found out that the tourist centre and most of the city is shut on Sundays. We did … Continue reading

Ok, I lied…..

So I forgot I’d taken this with my phone, sue me. 😛 This was the view outside the supermarket on the way to our gracious host’s (BJ’s) home. The view outside my local supermarket includes a motor market, an abandoned grain market and a weed infested lot. Sigh!