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The textbook shot (for trablogger)

Nothing unique about it, photography 101 really. But I liked the shades so you need must suffer through it. 😀

My last panoramic shot

A little over-exposed on Auto, but it was a lovely view (to me) so I’m sharing it.

A French sunset

One of those moments when photoshop couldn’t improve upon nature. France lay across the bridge, but we were too tired to walk across. So France chose to show us via a wonderful sunset what we were missing……Another day, perhaps.


I ignored everything else on the table. It was so simple and so beyond delicious, I can only thank BJ for inviting us into her home and for treating me to some of the best sausages I’ve ever had.

Sunrise at Munich airport

At Munich airport

It costs some people an arm and a leg, it would probably cost me my head…..

Munich Airport – early morning

Early in the morning, quiet and inviting. I wish I’d had the time to sit and have a bite here. The lampshades were beautiful, too beautiful for me to resist taking a shot in passing.