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Ghazal (mine)

I don’t usually preface my verse. This is something I wrote sometime ago, I waited until I was in the mood to translate this into English, for those who read my posts but don’t know Hindustani. I’ve tried to keep a meter to the verse; this means, of course, that some of the couplets aren’t … Continue reading

Rang-e-Rekhta (Shades of Urdu)

Thanks to Kritika, who I can’t thank enough for letting me know that this event was being planned in my own town! A wonderful gathering of some great poets, and some terrific, terrific shayari. The rightmost gentleman is the oldest living Urdu poet in India, Gulzar Dehlvi. Aged 92, his voice belied his years. And … Continue reading

Couplet – Safi Lakhnawi 

ग़ज़ल उसने छेड़ी मुझे साज़ देना ज़रा उम्र-ए-रफ्ता को आवाज़ देना Ghazal usne chhedi, mujhe saaz dena Zara umr-e-rafta ko awaaz dena She sings, someone hand me my lute Someone call back my departed youth! 

Couplet (unknown)

ग़र हकीकत-ए-हस्ती से बा-ख़बर होते फरिश्ते आरज़ू करते कि हम बशर होते If they knew the sublimity of being alive To be human is for what the angels would strive.

From a ghazal by Akhtar Shirani

दुनिया का तमाशा देख लिया, ग़मगीन सी है, बेताब सी है उम्मीद यहां इक वहम सी है, तसक़ीन यहां इक ख़्वाब सी है दुनिया में ख़ुशी का नाम नहीं, दुनिया में ख़ुशी नायाब सी है दुनिया में ख़ुशी को याद न कर. ऐ इश्क़ हमें बर्बाद न कर…… I know the vanity of this world, … Continue reading

Couplet (Shad Azimabadi)

सुनी हिकायत-ए-हस्ती तो दरमियां से सुनी न इब्तिदा की ख़बर है, न इंतिहा मालूम My life from the middle could I begin to comprehend I know not when it started, nor know when it will end