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The Invention of God – My review

It gets one star for one chapter that is plausible; at least it seems so after wading through the rest! I started this book with high hope. I had interacted with the author on FB and I thought I was in for an in-depth study of how geologic phenomena influenced and shaped nascent human comprehension … Continue reading

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#10)

A little alcove in a wall, where the pater familias would burn herbs and incense as an offering to his ancestors and to the family deities. This was so reminiscent of Indian households where a similar alcove (or a small wood/cement shelf) serves the very same function even today.

Godless morality…

I have been debating with a few people online about morality. Essentially, the issue is, is morality a given in an atheist universe? Are there any objective standards of morality in the absence of any god? Is it just a subjective set of rules that may vary from nation to nation, group to group, even … Continue reading

Our Father??

Imagine a single parent. A father with a couple of kids. These kids are young, around 5-6 years old, let’s say. They are completely dependent on their parent. But the father mistreats them. He makes them follow his own arbitrary set of rules, some of which he keeps changing at his whim. The kids are … Continue reading

Why a virgin Mary???

Why indeed? What was the need for a virgin Mary? What was so great about god providing a virgin with a fetus anyway? What purpose did it solve? In fact it only created more problems for Jesus and his supporters. For one, people do not believe in the virgin birth. Even if I believe that … Continue reading

Gaping holes……

Read a blog by a pastor today. he talked about a “naturalism of the gaps”, trying to turn the ‘god of the gaps” theory around. He claims that atheists start with the supposition that there is no god, and theorize how existence came into being without him. I could not understand his logic here. Maybe … Continue reading

I’d want to believe……

I have been an atheist for some years now. It was a sudden but not a major shift. Not having grown up in a religious home, it wasn’t very difficult for me to give up the idea of an all-powerful entity controlling the world. I was always at the edge, but it never occurred to … Continue reading

In god’s defence, my personal rebuttals… part 1

I often wonder at theists. Perhaps it is the first flush of atheism, like a man with a new pair of eyes, I run around looking at people incredulous at their inability to see the vividness of the world around them. Believers would say it’s more like a drug induced hallucination. But just look at … Continue reading


Mr Harold Camping’s second date for the rapture came and went without christ coming down from the heavens or a massive earthquake to mark the beginning of the five months of hell on earth. Here’s waht he had to say about this: “We were convinced that on May 21, God would return in a very … Continue reading

Hell? Really?