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The world is too much with us…

The world is too much with us….. But that’s not how I felt at that moment. When I took this picture I felt just as it looks here…me, nature at a distance (those lovely tinkling cow-bells!), and humanity far, far away.

The third moment

I have had, in my middle-length life of 39 years, three moments of utter silence. Not inner silence, that eludes me still; utter silence all around. I’ve talked about the first two moments in a couple of blog entries about five+ years back. This was the third…. Walking back from the gladiator arena to the … Continue reading

The green tiered well….

Another watering can…..

It seems to be more blessed than the first one….


It smelled…

It smelled of the rain and the dampening earth And long-growing mosses and the coal-fed hearth It smelled of leaves and rust and hay And I can’t tell what it was worth.  

The Last Leaf

Two phrase story

“He sat under a beautiful vivid green bower…. …. But green was still monochromatic.” Your turn.