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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge Nomination – Day 3

Jen, over at theanxietychronicles has been kind enough to nominate me for this challenge. Some of you know I’ve never refused a challenge here. This is my third quote challenge (that I remember) so finding quotes is difficult, though it is easier to do one quote a day rather than 3 quotes as I originally interpreted … Continue reading


Smoked my first pipe today. Had this almost irresistible urge to wear a Deerstalker and hold a magnifying glass…….

Redefining Holmes

While the reviews of the latest Holmes movie didn’t make me go see it, quite the opposite in fact, even though I like Downey as an actor, I don’t care for his rendition of one of the world’s favourite character and one of my personal role models, it did get me thinking. I looked at … Continue reading