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The ruins of Augusta Raurica – 3

One of the exits from the amphitheatre, the walk out today leads to this : Imagine having your morning coffee in that little balcony every day, looking at the entrance to an historic stage…..

Mundane Mondays #34

By the back…

Don’t I wish I had clicked the front of this house as well? Don’t you?

Window-shades/blinds/sills and flowers all over Pt. 3

A steep incline but the building reminded me of “Full House”. 🙂

Five photos, five stories – Part 3: The Jungle reclaims

Day 3 This is in response to Kritika’s Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. Thank you, for giving me this challenge, you know how crazy silly I am for such things. 😀 The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, … Continue reading

Yesterday’s drive #4

  In case you’re wondering why I’m posting one pic at a time, I’m editing them and posting immediately and I like posting them this way, so you can see them, instead of glancing over them all. Feel free to miss a few if you’d like though. 🙂

Yesterday’s drive #3


Yesterday’s drive

  Clicked during yesterday’s photo drive, a rather aborted photo drive. There’s a lot of shade and tint issues, but that’s because I compress before posting and well, that happens. These are, for those who don’t know typical Indian government accommodations for low to mid level officials. I thought they looked sterile, which seems kind … Continue reading