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Pun of the weak

It was after they both turned to alcoholism that they realized that their marriage was on the rocks…

New Word Tuesdays

Dick-saster /dɪkˈzɑːstə/ (n.) – A big tragedy, the result of someone acting like a total dick (see also: cock-tastrophe)

Pun of the weak

What does Trump’s tramp-stamp say? “Put~in”

One liner Wednesday 

It’s no wonder India’s been winning medals in wrestling, we even treat driving as a contact sport. 

Pun of the Weak

Are guys who get circumcised worried about losing their manhood?

One liner Wednesdays

Ever get the feeling that people who start their answer with, “Well…..” are either digging themselves into one or frantically trying to get out of one?

Pun of the weak

What do you call a German dildo? The Exact-O.

Pun of the weak

Seeing how they screw customers, it’s not surprising that Sales and Marketing shortens to S&M….

One liner Wednesday

If you want to succeed, get someone else to do it, remember there’s no “I” in SUCCESS! 😛

Pun of the weak

Are anatomy study groups all boning each other??