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One liner Wednesday

There’s a town so inbred, they can only play One Degree of Separation…

One liner Wednesday

“When it comes to loyalty, he is next to none” isn’t always a compliment…

One liner Wednesday

Saddest Superhero names #24 – Always Right at the End Man

Pun of the weak

Was the person who invented the modern toilet the first one to be flush with money?

One liner Wednesday

I separated from my wife due to creative differences: she kept dreaming up new reasons to fight.

And now…this

Got message from a “professional resume writer” and career counsellor saying he could help me develop my professional soul. I told him I would join up immediately if he promised to teach me how to make up nonsensical terms like “professional soul”. I could almost hear him mutter something unprofessional under his breath.

One liner Wednesday

Signs of old age in the internet age – 57 Your email id is simply yourname@gmail.com

Pun of the weak 

The name “Jackson” seems quite an oxymoron… 

One liner Wednesday 

Did Donald Trump run for the election because he misheard POTUS as “Poke-us”? 

New word Tuesdays 

Hicster – Someone who pretends he gets drunk ironically.