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Two phrase story #14

I provide the first phrase, you think up a second one to continue the thought and let’s see where it takes us all! “It was a haunting smile……”   My attempt “…..and he was always beset by ghosts.” Your turn.

New Word Tuesdays

Artizen – An artist who finds nirvana in his/her work.

New Word Tuesdays

“Skilometre” – For metric purists.

Two phrase story #12

I supply the first one, you work out a second and we see so many strands unravel from one little piece of string… “I switched the light on……..”   My attempt “…….and my devastation lay before me in all it’s awesome glory.” Your turn!

New word Tuesdays

In keeping with the book theme coz I’m in a rut Polybookamist- someone who can’t commit to one book at a time

New word Tuesdays

Bibendobibuli – Someone who gets drunk on books, and can actually pronounce that word.

New Word Tuesdays

Bookaniser – Someone who isn’t satisfied with reading one book at a time, has to have another open on the side…

Two phrase story #9

I provide the first phrase, you complete the thought and who knows where you might lead the train? “A breeze parted the curtains……”   “………but the frosted glass doors were shut”   Your turn. 🙂

New word Tuesdays

In keeping with my blog addiction I’m adding another “daily to-do”. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up but if wit fails me, I’m sure the OED won’t. So the word might be something erupting from the compost heap that is my mind or from the hallowed pages of the revered-yet-so-hard-to-find-these-days … Continue reading

Two phrase story #3

“The ringlets curled in the air….. ” ….. He burned his lungs once more. Your turn!