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Mango blossoms

The summer has barely arrived but some mango trees can’t wait to set out their fruit…

Summer snow

A few shots of the snow-clad Himalayas.


This unprepossessing little structure was once a source of potable water – a mountain stream was temporarily dammed to create a reservoir of fresh, clean water on the hillside.

Manu Temple, Manali

Standing in the cool crisp morning mountain air, in an ancient wood temple, the scent of incense heavy around me, the sound of drums and cymbals and trumpets reverberating around, I could see why faith moves people.

The Indian Noah

Like other religious mythologies around the world, ancient Hindu mythology also had its own version of the Great Flood, and the salvation of humankind through one exceptionally pious man. India had Manu, and the legend goes that Manali was where he finally landed after the floods receded; it ancient name was Manualaya (home of Manu). … Continue reading

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba (Hidimba) is a small figure in the Mahabharat, the great INdian epic. She is a rakshas (inhuman, probably a reference to her purported hill tribe origin). She marries one of the heroes of the epic and has a son who goes on to play a small but significant part in the great battle the … Continue reading


As I speak, my city is on fire. A few hours ago, the leader of a very big cult in the region was convicted of rape by a special court. about 200,000 of his followers had reached Panchkula in anticipation of the verdict. As soon as the news spread people resorted to stone pelting, burning … Continue reading


Chhoi waterfalls, it took as almost a couple of hours to reach it, but it was worth it. Nestled in green foliage, its stones bedecked with verdant moss and ferns, and surrounded by silence; it was a perfect spot to spend some quiet time in. Ok, with three noisy kids, we didn’t get that chance. … Continue reading

Great Himalayan National Park

A few months ago, we went with some friends to spend a couple of days at the Great Himalayan National Park in Tirthan valley, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. It’s a very high sounding name for a quiet, secluded valley, though the core areas are protected from human entry. We stayed in a rest house situated right … Continue reading

Indian independence

Today is the day for unabashed, jingoistic, patriotism, so here goes… I’ll discuss independence another time. 🙂