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The loser

The losing kite in a kite-fight has two possible fates; one is to be captured by some jubilant boy and re-strung to fight another day; or to get caught in a tree branch and flap there helplessly, torn to shreds by the twigs and the wind…

Kite flying

It’s nowhere near as common as it was a few decades ago, but kite-fights were a popular hobby all over India at one time. The idea is to maneuver your kite so as to loop your kite-string around the other guy’s and then with a single pull, cut the string so his kite falls to … Continue reading

Shikhandi – my review

For an author embracing populism as a newly-minted TV personality, this is a bold premise indeed. But then I always find Devdutt Pattanaik much more adventurous and open in his books compared to his TV avatar. “Shikhandi: and other tales they don’t tell you” is a book focussed on alternate sexuality – the queerness, the … Continue reading

Rang-e-Rekhta (Shades of Urdu)

Thanks to Kritika, who I can’t thank enough for letting me know that this event was being planned in my own town! A wonderful gathering of some great poets, and some terrific, terrific shayari. The rightmost gentleman is the oldest living Urdu poet in India, Gulzar Dehlvi. Aged 92, his voice belied his years. And … Continue reading

Chandigarh Carnival, eight months ago – 19

Snake charmers are a dying breed in India. wildlife protection laws, PETA and their kin, and changing lifestyles have made them a rare sight in most Indian cities. Many have segued into other fields. This group, led by their formidable looking chief, mesmerized their audience with some lovely tunes. The boss had a hypnotic gaze, … Continue reading

Chandigarh carnival, six months ago – 12

Some more examples of folk art from the art camp at the Chandigarh carnival.

Chandigarh carnival, six months ago – 11

This form of painting is called Warli, and is a tribal art form that has enjoyed quite a resurgence in popularity in India in recent years. I bought my first piece about a decade ago, and am still a big fan. This piece was created by Krishna Dongre and Ganesh Mahadeo Wangad at the folk … Continue reading

Chandigarh Carnival, six months ago – 10

The easel and the canvas….. The canvas behind the easel….

Chandigarh Carnival, six months ago – 7

The dancing troupe waded into the spectators….. Without a doubt, the smiling-est face among all.

Chandigarh carnival, six months ago – 6

The last pic of the Patiala troupe, three men managed to get into this steel ring that could barely fit one and a half. These were some snapshots of an almost forgotten tradition of traditional gymnastic and related arts in India.