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One liner Wednesday

Do we call them c***s and p*****s because for all its strutting around, the poor bird is shit scared of the feline? 😜

One liner Wednesday

“When it comes to loyalty, he is next to none” isn’t always a compliment…

One liner Wednesday

Saddest Superhero names #24 – Always Right at the End Man

One liner Wednesday

Signs of old age in the internet age – 57 Your email id is simply yourname@gmail.com

One liner Wednesday 

“To enjoy France a woman should know one of two things – how to speak French well…or how to French well.” – Betty White (ok, I said it, but doesn’t it sound like something she would say?) 

One liner Wednesdays

I’m waiting for the world to reach the “it’s so bad, it’s good” stage. Any moment now……

One liner Wednesday

Another reason why old people don’t understand emoji – An eggplant denotes meat….

Pun of the weak

Are bi-sexuals better at navigating because they get “directions”? (I know it’sweak, but I’m easing into it,  so hold your horses! :P)

One liner Wednesday (& Sigh Baba sayeth #52)

The trouble with experience is that gaining it leaves you no time for using it….. – Sigh Baba (aka me)

Sigh Baba Sayeth #45

Opportunities are often missed when we constantly focus on our problems – Steven Atchison Why don’t you and the “Problems are opportunities in disguise” guy go out and settle it as men?? – Sigh Baba (aka me)