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The loser

The losing kite in a kite-fight has two possible fates; one is to be captured by some jubilant boy and re-strung to fight another day; or to get caught in a tree branch and flap there helplessly, torn to shreds by the twigs and the wind…

Rose Festival – Feb 2016

At the fag end of February, Chandigarh celebrates Rose festival. The Rose garden is the oldest theme garden in the city that boasts of a ‘garden of the five senses’, a chrysanthemum garden and many more. Roses are in bloom in February and the rose festival has been a presence on the city calendar since … Continue reading


Most of wherever you go in India, you’ll find the kites designed so. These are Indian fighting kites, not meant for simply soaring into to blue yonder. They are meant to engage in battles – the idea is to loop your kite-string around another’s and with a sharp tug, cut the other one’s string and … Continue reading