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At the Eiffel – 7

Palais de Chaillot, framed by the graceful arch of the Eiffel tower. Though I didn’t visit the Palais (see the menacing clouds), but it is definitely worth going to, if you have the time. It houses four museums and a theatre. Another view of the world’s second ugliest building (The French make even ugliness worth … Continue reading

At the Eiffel – 6

Going down the stairway rather than taking the lift gives you a unique view of the innards of the tower, not that the open design technically has “innards”. The Eiffel tower was built of steel as a light, airy, soaring representation of modernity in architecture, breaking free of the weight and stolidity of stone; the … Continue reading

At the Eiffel – 4

I had wondered what sort of lights lit up the tower so beautifully at night. 

At the Eiffel Tower – 2

It took me the better part of two hours of standing in lines and going through security checks to get my hands on this ticket. There was another line to get to the elevators for the tower’s upper stories. The amount of time it took can be gauged by how the sky looked, by the … Continue reading

At the Eiffel Tower

My first glimpse of the icon of Paris, all of France really. Google Maps was of immense help in getting me there, guiding me every step of the way. The day was cloudy and promised rain (which it duly delivered), but the soaring steel still had its charm. “Man’s finger pointed at god.” I’m not … Continue reading