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Lake Titisee

It was a lovely afternoon, the sun, clouds, and a cool breeze.

Morning escapes


The road less travelled

Miniature Landscape

Copy-sketching – 5

Been some time since I last posted a sketch, I’ve been trying different stroke techniques, and even trying my hand at free-hand sketching. This of course is a copy-sketch.

Wordless so here’s another sketch 

I like this more than my previous attempts, I found myself taking a different direction in places than the original sketch. 

The world is too much with us…

The world is too much with us….. But that’s not how I felt at that moment. When I took this picture I felt just as it looks here…me, nature at a distance (those lovely tinkling cow-bells!), and humanity far, far away.

Pun of the weak (c. Abyssbrain)

When is a cricket pitch like a landscape? When it’s a Turner. (non-cricket people wouldn’t understand it… :))

Probably the last from the air (I think!)

Some sort of power generating unit? Looked very neat and orderly. This looks like something I’d build in SimCity or somewhere. Can’t get over sloped roof houses though.