Laufen castle

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A view of the falls from the ferry.. Our target was the rock you see in the middle, dividing the gushing torrent into two. The ferry to the rock works only three months a year, between June to August. A view of Laufen castle, looking back. The ferry takes you to the other side of … Continue reading

Another Clocktower

I began to realize they are all colorful….

Restaurant at Laufen Castle

It was a breathtaking view, if only I had been there ar lunch-time…


That is one of the most beautiful re-use of a log I’ve ever seen…

Laufen Castle – 5

A remarkable better use of an arrow-slit….

Laufen Castle – 4

Visitor’s centre at Laufen castle. +

Laufen Castle – 2

A view of the falls from the battlements of Laufen castle. How could anyone shoot an arrow out to such beauty?

Laufen Castle – 1

A water trough in the courtyard of the castle. Couldn’t have been for horses so I wonder…..