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One liner Wednesday 

To the guys who say “miaow” when a woman makes a mean remark, would you please go “woof woof” when a man does the same? 😛

Pun of the weak

What do an ultra-sensitive man with a receding hairline and a gun have in common? They can both have a hair trigger….

One liner Wednesday

Rude people have no trouble getting a word in sledge-wise

Sigh baba sayeth #42

“Money can’t buy happiness” Yeah but money can buy Scotch, and that’s kinda the same thing. – Sigh baba (aka me)

Sigh baba sayeth #40

Families are pools. For glee, grief, and their stories. They fill roofs with lessons and rooms with joy. – Anon WTF? Families are roof – top pools in rooms? You can be sure no architect said this…. Sigh baba (aka me)

Sigh baba sayeth #38

The only limits in life are the ones you make – Anon Hey, I never made the speed limit or the blood alcohol limit, or the age limit……grumble grumble – Sigh baba (aka me)

Sigh baba sayeth #37

Life is a long journey between human being and being human – Anon Being, Human. There you go, journey complete. – Sigh baba (aka me)

Sigh baba sayeth #35

Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left – Aldous Huxley (?) As compared to the Golden olden days when people dropped dead at a vigorous age of 25 years? – Sigh baba (aka me)

Sigh baba sayeth #33

Better to be an optimist who gets disappointed than a pessimist who has no hope – Robin Sharma Better to be a pessimist who gets pleasantly surprised than an optimist whose hopes are never exceeded. – Sigh baba (aka me)

Pun of the weak (adult humour, you have been warned)

I heard he says his girlfriend’s a manicurist, she only gives hand jobs…..