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New Word Tuesdays

Fluster-fuck (n.) /ˈflʌstəfʌk/ – To get confused and choose the worst possible option. (eg. what the US electorate possibly did on the 8th of November)

Sigh Baba sayeth #49

“Successful people do daily what others do occasionally.” Yup, they lie, cheat and scam daily. Now all you unsuccessful dorks know what to do. 😛 – Sigh Baba (aka me)

Sigh baba sayeth #37

Life is a long journey between human being and being human – Anon Being, Human. There you go, journey complete. – Sigh baba (aka me)

One liner Wednesday

Every good one-liner has no riposte, every bad one has no repost.

Sigh baba sayeth #30

I love butterflies because they remind us that it’s never too late to transform ourselves…. – Anon And the way to do that is to crawl into our shell and wait for stuff to happen? – Sigh baba (aka me)

Pun of the weak

Should men be scared of women who eat meat? (I know it’s derivative)

One liner Wednesdays

I wonder how men can use the word f*** in a negative sense. How is “I f***ed up” a bad thing??? 😛

Pun of the weak (c. Abyssbrain)

Why are Hindus such peace lovin’ folk? Because they have no beef, with anybody…. 😀

One liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Shop notice – “Brand New Antique shop!”

Pun of the weak (c. Abyssbrain)

Why do rodents become bullies in an apathetic society? Coz no one gives a rat sass…..