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Ancient glasswork at the Louvre

It is not definitely known when and where humankind learned the art and the science of manufacturing and manipulating glass. Examples of glass objects appear in our common history between 3500 and 4000 years before present. Glassworking developed in the first millennium BCE, when bowls and goblets and numerous other items started to be fashioned … Continue reading

A river flows through it…

This lovely river flowed right across from where we were putting up in Shai Ropa. It was lovely, sitting at night, nursing a drink and hearing the noisy waters bubbling by…

On the way back….

After a refreshing break at the Chhoi waterfalls, we made our way back to civilization, by another route. This time we chose to scramble down a dried rivulet-bed. There are hundreds of these seasonal streams in the mountains, they lie dry throughout the year except during the monsoon, when they flood up and become one … Continue reading

New word Tuesdays

Clackhole – That aisle-side cubicle nearest to the washrooms, so you can hear the clackity-clack of heels all day long……