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Two lines to my heart

अब तू ही मुझे समझा कि तेरी रज़ा क्या है ऐ दिल तुझे समझाते हुए थक गया हूँ मैं Ab tu hi mujhe samjha ki teri raza kya hai Ae dil tujhe samjhate hue thak gaya hun main I’m tired of trying to make you see Old fool, what do you want of me?

Thoughts on life

Love is the journey from idealisation to dehumanisation.


Borrowed joy,  Words that soar,  Smiles aplenty,  Grins galore.  Temporary,  Not my own.  When will you,  Recall your loan? 

Why I’m wordless at times…

A moment of courage A moment of doubt A quick look within A quicker without And then you are with me And now I’m alone And that’s how I forget All words that I’ve  known

Think this…

Is it better to be loved for your strengths or your faults? Strengths attract people but they eventually want you weak…faults attract people but never for the right reasons.

Six word story 

He’s in love with her love… 

Six word story 

Beware those who’re quick to love.

Business as usual 

The hottest love is soonest cold The higher stakes, the faster fold  Love is bodies, bought and sold  A bastard trade o’erlain with gold 

Six word stories

Love is a naked, bloody mess.

Sex and happiness?

Victo over at doctorly asked a question in her recent post. Does sex lead to happiness or is happiness in sex because two people feel close enough to have and enjoy sex? I don’t think I’ve answered that question, but I re-read my reply and found it mad enough to post it myself, for those … Continue reading