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Mundane Mondays #106

Mundane Monday #105

It’s a different world in there…

The world in macro…

I particularly liked the way the morning sunlight diffracts along the edge of the dew drop, like a miniature aurora borealis….

Spiez – 7

Poor in botany as I am, I have no idea what specie this is. I clicked it at the widest aperture my lens could provide (f/3.6) in a balmy, breezy street. Only when I started working on the picture on my desktop did I notice the beautiful blue specks intermingled with the pink. Two fantastic … Continue reading

Mundane Monday #75


Life clings on and flourishes in the smallest of crags…

Laufen castle – 3

I know this has nothing to do with the castle as such, but I’m a macro-nut if there ever was one and the flowers at Laufen were in full summer bloom….

I clicked so many a lady asked me if I were a botanist…

The blades will get sharper….