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Couplet – Safi Lakhnawi 

ग़ज़ल उसने छेड़ी मुझे साज़ देना ज़रा उम्र-ए-रफ्ता को आवाज़ देना Ghazal usne chhedi, mujhe saaz dena Zara umr-e-rafta ko awaaz dena She sings, someone hand me my lute Someone call back my departed youth! 



There’s a permanence to paper. You can burn it and it’s gone forever, in a bluish haze of smoke. Or so you feel.

Six word stories (c. Nina)

Where’d you have wanted time stopped?

Two Phrase Story #43

I would like to present a weekly word challenge. Thanks to Elusive Trope for encouraging me to get off my lazy ass and actually try to get more readers involved in this weekly game. The premise is simple. I provide one phrase every Thursday, an incomplete string of words, and it is up to you to complete … Continue reading

Six word stories (c. Nina)

You inhabit every moment of joy

Mundane Mondays #49

Silly picture, I know, but my mother recently reminded me that we used to make paper pistols for games in schools and I made one for my daughter (and was surprised that I still remembered how to make one).

A city under siege

To explain my last post, Rohtak was my surrogate home for over a decade. I went there in 1994, I did my MBBS and MS there. I experienced hostel life, made new friends and spent probably the best time of my life in that backward, deprived, filthy city. It wasn’t heaven, not by a long … Continue reading

Baker man

One of the very few memorable days I’ve spent in my life….This and the the few forthcoming posts are from a rebuilt bakery in the ruins of Augusta Raurica, right next to what were the temple walls. The oven is exactly where it was a couple of millennia ago, rebuilt with concrete for safety purposes, … Continue reading

Lal Singh

Reading a post by Victo reminded me of someone. Around 2009, five years into practice I had started doing Phaco cases. One of my first patients was Lal Singh. An octogenarian farmer, what you’d call ‘son of the soil’, always dressed in a simple white kurta-pyjama and a blue turban with a saffron band, a little … Continue reading

Sepia tints

My grandfather’s first surgical case, late 1930s. The funny thing is, I don’t have any similar pic from my stay in the medical college. That’s him standing in the background observing the dressing of the wound. It was an above the knee amputation. And Izza, this is KEMC, Lahore in the 1930s. 🙂