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When was the last time you did this?

  Come to think of it, when did I last do this?

Jack of many trades

Quite a few years ago, I decided that I ought to build a soft copy library of old family pics. That was in the days when I thought of family as a unit. Anyway, I knew most pictures were spread out among siblings and so on among my parents’ generation and no one would let … Continue reading


Sita, 45 years old. My first completely independent cataract surgery case. Kapal Mochan Eye Camp, Yamunanagar. Hard to believe that over a decade has passed……..

My last case

Did my last surgical procedure today. A small I&C for a chalazion. A friend of mine settled in the UK has asked me to help his cousin, and she had taken a 2 hour journey to see me rather than the dozens of ophthalmologists in her city and in the towns she drove through. I … Continue reading


When I decided upon and got my Ophthal residency, I was justifiably elated. It was, in some ways, a dream come true. One of the peculiar side effects of that however, was that I became very careful with my hands. Ophthal surgery, as you can imagine, is extremely delicate work. In cataract surgery for example, … Continue reading

Childhood revisited

Took the day off from work to take my daughter to her pre-school orientation. They ask some parent/guardian to come along the first few days so the child isn’t overwhelmed by the new environment. The play area reminded me so much of my early school days. Grass and sand, not cement underfoot. Shady mango trees … Continue reading

Blank Diaries..

I wrote once ages ago, when I used to write a diary, a proper paper one, that there is no more empty feeling than sitting in front of a blank piece of paper. I don’t lay claim to be the originator of this quote, I’m sure someone said it before me. But the meaning I … Continue reading

Memories of idleness

In late ’93, I was in class 12th at DAV College. It was our first experience at staggered classes, having been in school with a fixed system of classes one after another. In college, we had free periods in between. In the second term, we had our practicals, I forget whether biology or physics, in … Continue reading

The Mango blooms

  Spring is in the air! We have a mango tree in the courtyard of this house we’re renting and it is in full bloom these days. I’d almost forgotten that the mango also blooms. So much in life we tend to overlook or just pass by. At my primary school, we had over a … Continue reading