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Six word story 

She was cold, colder than memories… 

Rose garden – a tribute

A stone immortalizes the names of the two men most instrumental in planning and executing the Rose garden in Chandigarh. MS Randhawa and MN Sharma not only dreamed up the concept of the rose garden but were also responsible for the panning of every tree-lined avenue in the city. A lot of the natural beauty … Continue reading

From a death….

Who will cry when I die? Will I merit a single sigh? Will someone miss me by and by? Will someone please tell me a lie?

That moment

That moment when you feel silly because you got lost finding something because you forgot how organized you are……

Roman tombstones – Pt 2

Dannicus the knight, Munatius from Lugdunum (modern Lyon, France), Metellus……..2000 years hence and your name and mine will be forgotten; these live on.

Bakeman’s menagerie

I don’t know how many here are old enough to remember Bakeman’s bread. Bakeman’s was a UP based company that was big in the breads and biscuit segment in northern India back in the 80s. I grew up on a steady diet of their products. They disappeared from the scene in the 90s and folded up, … Continue reading

An old Holy Cow! incident.

  That’s what happens when you run into a cow, doing 40 KPH.

Childhood revisited

Took the day off from work to take my daughter to her pre-school orientation. They ask some parent/guardian to come along the first few days so the child isn’t overwhelmed by the new environment. The play area reminded me so much of my early school days. Grass and sand, not cement underfoot. Shady mango trees … Continue reading