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Burgenstock – 8

A rather big specimen of bracket fungus accosted us on our way back. Used to smaller examples, maybe a couple of cms across, these ones, over a foot long (each), were a surprise to me.

Burgenstock – 7

Our stroll through the woods led us to these vistas… The beauty of the place enveloped us all, and we each slowed down to his/her own pace to enjoy the afternoon.  

Burgenstock – 6

A perennial favorite of mine: like a verdant, benevolent Hydra – one tree falls and a hundred plants arise to take its place.

Burgenstock – 5

We went for a walk through the woods and the meadows, to burn off some of the calories that we had so generously endowed ourselves with. The foliage varies so much from country to country; I was introduced to many new experiences: fro a moss that felt exactly like the fur on a dog, to … Continue reading

Burgenstock – 1

Our short walk from the landing area to the Verbena restaurant went along this lovely vista. Green meadows all in flower leading to far-off alpine peaks and the sound of cow-bells tinkling floating up the slopes… Think the cows are an exaggeration? Take a gander 😛 Another, almost aerial view…such serenity! One can almost feel … Continue reading

Titisee – 13

HIgh up on a tree, spring was literally in the air! 😀

Titisee – 12

These delicate pine-flowers were too beautiful to resist, I managed to bring one of these to India, undamaged! 🙂

Titisee – 10

Flowers by the lakeside.

Titisee – 8

Soft against the sky…

Titisee – 6

Petals floating above the shallow lake-shore…