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Titisee – 5

I have always been fascinated by plants growing out of tree-stumps. It always reminds me of Jeff Goldblum’s hammy dialogue in Jurassic Park, “Life always finds a way.” 😀

For Amy. :)

This one is dedicated to Amy over at shareandconnect, one of the most wonderful persons I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online. Wildflowers, trees in bloom, and a horse; I hope you like it Amy! 🙂


Dewdrop Lens

Morning Dew


During our walks on the slopes of the mountains near our guesthouse stop, I came across this lovely flowering bush. I had to click it of course, but as I went in for the close-up pics, I caught a faint odor that was most incongruous; I sniffed again and again, I looked around for an … Continue reading

Chhoi waterfalls

A panoramic view of the waterfalls. Standing on a sloping rock was probably not the best choice of spots for taking this shot! 😀


Chhoi waterfalls, it took as almost a couple of hours to reach it, but it was worth it. Nestled in green foliage, its stones bedecked with verdant moss and ferns, and surrounded by silence; it was a perfect spot to spend some quiet time in. Ok, with three noisy kids, we didn’t get that chance. … Continue reading


The first thing we did after settling in was to trek through the conifer forest, along narrow goat tracks at times just a few inches wide and covered in slippery pine-needles, towards the Chhoi waterfall. It was a 6-7 km trek, taking about an hour and a half. This was the target.

Mundane Monday #97