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New Word Tuesdays

Grayist (alt meaning) – A sorry excuse for a de Sade wannabe

New word Tuesdays

In keeping with the book theme coz I’m in a rut Polybookamist- someone who can’t commit to one book at a time

New word Tuesdays

Bibendobibuli – Someone who gets drunk on books, and can actually pronounce that word.

New word Tuesdays

“Nonmultiply – a vow of celibacy, see also – monkhood” (@Abyssbrain – I told you I’d get to it! :D)

The (2nd) Blogger Recognition Award

Many, many thanks to Kritika, who I miss online but understand is busy with her real life, for nominating me for this award. This is my second Blogger Recognition Award, and I don’t think I can improve upon what I’ve already written on these topics, so I hope you’ll bear with me if I repeat … Continue reading

New word Tuesdays

For the first time, not my own creation but something by Sir Walter Scott. Read more interesting facts about the man here. It’s a nice site and you can spend a lot of time browsing through the odds and ends of authors, books and the language there. 🙂 Book-bosomed – One who carries a book … Continue reading

New word Tuesdays

Nonminus – When you solve the problem and are sure of the solution

New word Tuesdays

Heypersensitivity – touchiness that makes people go, “Hey! Watch it!”

New word Tuesdays

In keeping with my blog addiction I’m adding another “daily to-do”. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up but if wit fails me, I’m sure the OED won’t. So the word might be something erupting from the compost heap that is my mind or from the hallowed pages of the revered-yet-so-hard-to-find-these-days … Continue reading

The Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks again to Tessa for this nomination! I think I’ll buy myself a nice shiny trophy like the one in the pic for this one! 😀 Do visit her blog if you haven’t, it’s an example for people who are in pain, she reaches out when it’s hardest to do so. 🙂 » Provide a link … Continue reading