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Sigh Baba sayeth #27

You know you’re old when you turn to the celeb section of the newspaper and ask yourself, “Who the hell are these people?” – Me Though to be honest, you’re old if you still get (and read) a newspaper! – Sigh Baba (also me)

Aamir Khan……Sigh!

A fellow blogger posted this about the recent brouhaha about an Indian film star’s comments on tolerance (rather the lack thereof) in India. Here’s the post I like playing Devil’s advocate, so let me ask some questions too. 😀 1. What exactly could the son of a super-rich father be scared of? 2. Are these … Continue reading


About a week back, Indians switching on to watch the news were treated to a barrage of looped video recordings of a young girl being brutally molested by no less than 50 men on the streets of one of our state capitals, Guwahati. In plain view of passersby, for over 30 minutes, the men repeatedly … Continue reading

Necrophiliacs of the world may soon have reason to rejoice!

http://now.msn.com/now/0425-egypt-dead-wife-sex.aspx?_p=8eb0f6cb-43ec-47fe-a6ee-aaa6298e7d91&_nwpt=1 The Egyptian Parliament is considering passing a law allowing bereaved husbands to legally have sex with the corpse of their wife within six hours of her death. Now, before feminists get all riled up, this law would also allow widows the same rights, though in their case, the anatomical problem would remain to be … Continue reading