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A two in one nomination

         Thank you Soumya for the nomination! I wasn’t sure which one it was for so I took both awards. 😀 The rules are standard, so more things about me coming up! (P.S. I’m going so extremely public, the Kardashians are asking me to tone it down a bit!) 1. I’m a recovering … Continue reading

Dragon’s Loyalty Award no. 2

Thank you Mon for my second Dragon award! I’ll call it Eragon, just because. I’ll take any and all  dragon awards as long as they’re not for dragon breath. I know, it doesn’t behoove me to sink so low for a joke. Sigh! Seven more things about me! Man, this is tough! 1. I am 38 … Continue reading

The No Strings Attached Award

  Thank you Krittika, for nominating me for this award. I like any and all awards, I haven’t gotten enough to feel blase about them yet. 🙂 Nominations.. 1. Barrira 2. Bhavpreet 3. Mayank 4. Bhautika 5. Small Town Girl 6. Izza 7. Crumpled Paper Cranes 8. LazarusandLithium 9. Laura McGowan 10. PecsBowen 11. Lea … Continue reading