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Blank Diaries..

I wrote once ages ago, when I used to write a diary, a proper paper one, that there is no more empty feeling than sitting in front of a blank piece of paper. I don’t lay claim to be the originator of this quote, I’m sure someone said it before me. But the meaning I … Continue reading

Memories of idleness

In late ’93, I was in class 12th at DAV College. It was our first experience at staggered classes, having been in school with a fixed system of classes one after another. In college, we had free periods in between. In the second term, we had our practicals, I forget whether biology or physics, in … Continue reading

On being nomadic again

>Sitting at the airport, starting out on a trip I wish to God I didn’t have to make. One whole month cut off from all I love and care for. One whole month away from all things familiar and comfortable. One whole month in a strange city I fear will be unfriendly and distant. A … Continue reading


  Some go to harbours on the main, Some like the endless grassy plain; But me, I to the mountains go- When I hear the mountains call again. I hear the mountains call again, With winter, biting wind and rain, With hail, and sleet, and blinding mists, I hear the mountains call again. The springs … Continue reading

The Mango blooms

  Spring is in the air! We have a mango tree in the courtyard of this house we’re renting and it is in full bloom these days. I’d almost forgotten that the mango also blooms. So much in life we tend to overlook or just pass by. At my primary school, we had over a … Continue reading