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Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#7)

Wine rack with amphorae. The basic design remains the same till today..

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#6)

Roman villas occasionally had shops up front selling meat or metalware or cloth (some even had prostitutes available, hidden away in a back room).

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#5)

The living room. I particularly liked the baby-crib. The exact design has been found in Pompeii. 🙂

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#4)

Views of the Caldarium, the hot bath. The Roman system for heating the room was ingenious, a great example of how ancient engineers solved problems that we struggle with even today. For details you can check out Wikipedia

Roman tombstones – Pt 2

Dannicus the knight, Munatius from Lugdunum (modern Lyon, France), Metellus……..2000 years hence and your name and mine will be forgotten; these live on.

One Liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Some people have a crisis when they hit mid-life, I had a mid-life when I hit a crisis.

Old time-y telephone

For all those here who never saw one of these in their homes growing up. :-)?

Sepia tints

My grandfather’s first surgical case, late 1930s. The funny thing is, I don’t have any similar pic from my stay in the medical college. That’s him standing in the background observing the dressing of the wound. It was an above the knee amputation. And Izza, this is KEMC, Lahore in the 1930s. 🙂

Mundane Mondays #13 – The real antique clock

This used to be a wind up clock. I don’t how many of you even know such things existed. The hole in the face of the dial was where you inserted the key and wound it up, about once every fortnight or so. It was spring loaded and had a little lever at the back … Continue reading

Just call me Jack

Since I got so much praise for my earlier post on Photoshop repair, I thought I’d post another one to get some more! 😀 That’s my father, c. 1946