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One liner Wednesday (yeah it’s Friday) – gross-out warning

The problem with democracy is that if you give every asshole an equal voice, all you’ll hear is farts.

One liner Wednesday

Saddest Superhero names #24 – Always Right at the End Man

One liner Wednesday

I separated from my wife due to creative differences: she kept dreaming up new reasons to fight.

And now…this

Got message from a “professional resume writer” and career counsellor saying he could help me develop my professional soul. I told him I would join up immediately if he promised to teach me how to make up nonsensical terms like “professional soul”. I could almost hear him mutter something unprofessional under his breath.

One liner Wednesday

Signs of old age in the internet age – 57 Your email id is simply yourname@gmail.com

One liner Wednesday 

It’s no wonder India’s been winning medals in wrestling, we even treat driving as a contact sport. 

One liner Wednesdays

Ever get the feeling that people who start their answer with, “Well…..” are either digging themselves into one or frantically trying to get out of one?

One liner Wednesday (whatever) 

The moving finger flips the bird

One liner Wednesday 

Did Donald Trump run for the election because he misheard POTUS as “Poke-us”? 

One liner Wednesday 

I know this might get me a lot of brickbats, but isn’t menostop a more accurate term for the process?