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Sita, 45 years old. My first completely independent cataract surgery case. Kapal Mochan Eye Camp, Yamunanagar. Hard to believe that over a decade has passed……..

My last case

Did my last surgical procedure today. A small I&C for a chalazion. A friend of mine settled in the UK has asked me to help his cousin, and she had taken a 2 hour journey to see me rather than the dozens of ophthalmologists in her city and in the towns she drove through. I … Continue reading


When I decided upon and got my Ophthal residency, I was justifiably elated. It was, in some ways, a dream come true. One of the peculiar side effects of that however, was that I became very careful with my hands. Ophthal surgery, as you can imagine, is extremely delicate work. In cataract surgery for example, … Continue reading


  Pterygium excision and Conjunctival autograft. One fo my first cases. Just saw a video on YouTube and decided to go ahead. I think I’ve done over a hundred maybe, with no recurrence. Found this folder on my hard drive…..