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Two days since I quit practice and I already have patients calling me up to ask why. They want me to look at their test results, to advise them about their therapy plans and so on because they aren’t satisfied with “the new guy”. Makes me feel wanted, a little bad, but strangely, not nostalgic. … Continue reading


Sita, 45 years old. My first completely independent cataract surgery case. Kapal Mochan Eye Camp, Yamunanagar. Hard to believe that over a decade has passed……..

My last case

Did my last surgical procedure today. A small I&C for a chalazion. A friend of mine settled in the UK has asked me to help his cousin, and she had taken a 2 hour journey to see me rather than the dozens of ophthalmologists in her city and in the towns she drove through. I … Continue reading


It’s getting weirder. I hadn’t thought it would. I stopped operating after handing in my notice. Didn’t make sense to operate when I wouldn’t be there for the entire post op examination period. Recently I stopped seeing new patients because I wouldn’t be around for their next follow up. Now I’m only seeing my old … Continue reading


When I decided upon and got my Ophthal residency, I was justifiably elated. It was, in some ways, a dream come true. One of the peculiar side effects of that however, was that I became very careful with my hands. Ophthal surgery, as you can imagine, is extremely delicate work. In cataract surgery for example, … Continue reading


  Pterygium excision and Conjunctival autograft. One fo my first cases. Just saw a video on YouTube and decided to go ahead. I think I’ve done over a hundred maybe, with no recurrence. Found this folder on my hard drive…..