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Strasbourg Cathedral – 17

The painting was craftily lit-up so I doubled back to click it. At the moment, I was too engrossed in clicking pictures, now I wish I had known enough French to join the guided tour…

Chandigarh carnival, six months ago – 11

This form of painting is called Warli, and is a tribal art form that has enjoyed quite a resurgence in popularity in India in recent years. I bought my first piece about a decade ago, and am still a big fan. This piece was created by Krishna Dongre and Ganesh Mahadeo Wangad at the folk … Continue reading


The flower raises all sorts of questions…..

van Gogh’s Night Cafe

  To be honest, I didn’t know this painting existed till a few days back. I don’t remember how exactly I came across it, but I did. I knew van Gogh from the usual suspects, Sunflowers, self portraits, Starry Starry Nights… Art doesn’t normally evoke a visceral response from me. I like the technique, the … Continue reading