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Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 2

Egyptian art at the Louvre – 3

Some more examples of ancient Egyptian creative genius.

Roman/Etruscan antiquities at the Louvre

The Louvre boasts of a good collection of Roman and Etruscan antiquities. The latter, especially, are little known outside the historian community, but are the forerunners of Roman culture in many ways and their sculpture is unadorned but beautiful and alive. Just a couple of examples below (esp. the seated couple in the middle).

Art at the Louvre

Besides the Vinci masterpieces (which, to be honest, left me a little too overwhelmed to concentrate on other artists), there is a HUGE collection of artwork that would take days to view and truly appreciate. I did not have that luxury, but I am thankful that I got the chance that I did get. 🙂

da Vinci at the Louvre

The Louvre has in its possession 4 of Leonardo da Vinci’s known paintings, roughly a quarter of all his extant works. What greater pleasure could there have been for me but to gaze at so many of his works under one roof?  Madonna of the rocks would be well-known to readers of Brown’s “The da … Continue reading

Dôme des Invalides

The Dôme des Invalides, houses, among other famous people, the mortal remains of (arguably) the most famous Frenchman of them all, Napoleon. Originally a church, it was repurposed as the final resting place of Napoleon, going to serve as the crypt for his family and some of France’s greatest military heroes (including Field Marshal Foch, Commander … Continue reading

Paris from the Eiffel

A panoramic view, which people who know me would know is a weakness of mine. 🙂

Beauty remains

This makes sense in hindsight but at the moment, as I was walking toward the Eiffel tower, this lovely decorative set caught my eye and made me pause.