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Mundane Mondays #89

Mundane Mondays #42

Belated Doodles…

February the 6th was Doodle Day; here’s a belated post in honor of that. 🙂

Silver salvers – Museum at Augusta Raurica

Most of these were between 2-3 feet across.     

Mundane Mondays #32

Mundane Mondays #30


A wedding hall decked up, as I rode by. Had to take a shot, even if it was from a moving car!

Mundane Mondays #22

The Last Leaf


We read in our school texts that honeybees make their hive cells as hexagons, because of the need for optimum space utilization and so on, but you have to see one close up to truly appreciate the geometry…   And while we might be able to think of the planar pattern, even I never thought … Continue reading