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Six word story

That sonogram’s about to take birth…

Street musician – Basel SBB

I don’t know why, but I thought she looked like a gypsy…..


There are two types of people in this world……… and unlimited ways in which you can divide them into two types

Chandigarh Carnival, six months ago – 7

The dancing troupe waded into the spectators….. Without a doubt, the smiling-est face among all.

Setting up…

Street vendors are a part of Indian culture, and sell pretty much everything from fruits to little plastic doodads. Seasonal fruits that you wouldn’t otherwise find the market are particularly popular – these women were selling plastic bubble-guns and bead necklaces

Sigh baba sayeth #31

There will always be people who will treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong – whoever Even those who break my bones, or should I make an exception? 😛 – Sigh baba (aka me)

One liner Wednesday

Some people’s minds are out to lunch from breakfast to dinner….

New word Tuesdays

Taskhole – a person who complains endlessly about every little job they’re asked to do.

Klein Basel

My last evening I headed over to the other part of town; Klein Basel was historically the poorer part of the city. This was also where refugees/migrants from Arab countries had been settled, in concrete, featureless, monochromatic apartment blocks. The difference from the earlier pictures I have posted couldn’t be starker. The buildings, the colours, … Continue reading

An evening along the Rhine – 3