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Six word story (c. Nina)

Man, if an island, is volcanic.

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Visakha over at notionlux for nominating me for this award. Been a while since I got one! 🙂 The One Lovely Blog Award was created by Sara from Works of Art as a way to recognize her favorite blogs. Recipients pay it forward by passing the award along to their favorite blogs. Award Rules: You … Continue reading

The (2nd) Blogger Recognition Award

Many, many thanks to Kritika, who I miss online but understand is busy with her real life, for nominating me for this award. This is my second Blogger Recognition Award, and I don’t think I can improve upon what I’ve already written on these topics, so I hope you’ll bear with me if I repeat … Continue reading

Two phrase story #6

“The days were getting colder…….”   Spark after spark did die. Your turn.

The Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks again to Tessa for this nomination! I think I’ll buy myself a nice shiny trophy like the one in the pic for this one! 😀 Do visit her blog if you haven’t, it’s an example for people who are in pain, she reaches out when it’s hardest to do so. 🙂 » Provide a link … Continue reading

The Sunshine Blog Award

Thanks to Tessa for nominating me for this one! I’d think I were more suited to a sunset/nightbringer/supernova award, but hey, whatever comes my way! 😀 Standard rules – 11 questions, 11 nominations, 11 new questions. You can guess which of these three I will be doing! 🙂 1. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert by a mile. … Continue reading


Yesterday’s post reminded me of this picture lying around. I planned to post it, but it slipped through the cracks. Happens. It’s about as full as can be. This is the pile of unread books I’m getting around to these days. It would have been smaller but I went crazy buying more than I should … Continue reading

The very Inspiring Blogger award

Thanks to Soumya (See? Got it right this time!) for nominating me. I hesitated in accepting this award. I honestly don’t know if I have inspired anyone to do anything good. Lots of cutting talk comes to mind. Anyhow, I don’t refuse an award given in good faith (though if someone were inspired to do something … Continue reading

A two in one nomination

         Thank you Soumya for the nomination! I wasn’t sure which one it was for so I took both awards. 😀 The rules are standard, so more things about me coming up! (P.S. I’m going so extremely public, the Kardashians are asking me to tone it down a bit!) 1. I’m a recovering … Continue reading

Dragon’s Loyalty Award no. 2

Thank you Mon for my second Dragon award! I’ll call it Eragon, just because. I’ll take any and all  dragon awards as long as they’re not for dragon breath. I know, it doesn’t behoove me to sink so low for a joke. Sigh! Seven more things about me! Man, this is tough! 1. I am 38 … Continue reading