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Roman tombstone

Facsimile of a Roman tombstone for a Celtic warrior. Augusta Raurica, on whom the present day town of Kairseraugst stands was a Roman city up to the 4th century AD. It was one of the biggest Roman settlement this far up North and has the remains of the biggest amphitheater North of the Alps. I’ll … Continue reading


A withering fire…

Old time-y telephone

For all those here who never saw one of these in their homes growing up. :-)?


A wedding hall decked up, as I rode by. Had to take a shot, even if it was from a moving car!

Munich Airport – early morning

Early in the morning, quiet and inviting. I wish I’d had the time to sit and have a bite here. The lampshades were beautiful, too beautiful for me to resist taking a shot in passing.

Mundane Mondays #23

Something to remind me of India in Switzerland….

Mundane Mondays #22

Mundane Mondays #21

Mundane Mondays #19

It smelled…

It smelled of the rain and the dampening earth And long-growing mosses and the coal-fed hearth It smelled of leaves and rust and hay And I can’t tell what it was worth.