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Burgenstock – 6

A perennial favorite of mine: like a verdant, benevolent Hydra – one tree falls and a hundred plants arise to take its place.

Burgenstock – 5

We went for a walk through the woods and the meadows, to burn off some of the calories that we had so generously endowed ourselves with. The foliage varies so much from country to country; I was introduced to many new experiences: fro a moss that felt exactly like the fur on a dog, to … Continue reading

Titisee – 13

HIgh up on a tree, spring was literally in the air! 😀


Some people might know that retro-illumination is a personal favorite of mine. This isn’t the best example but I liked it still. 🙂

Mundane Mondays #112

Proof of faith (contd.)

Tiny shrines like these dot the Himalayan countryside. Some of them are devoted to local deities (Himachal Pradesh is called the land of a thousand deities, almost every valley and village has its patron), some might honor local heroes. There’s scant space for an earthen lamp and a joss-stick; but no matter where these lie, … Continue reading

Mundane Mondays #109

Mundane Monday #108

Mountains in the trees