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A street corner at night

Growing up, little tuck-shops such as this were a common sight in smaller towns and tourist spots; someone put a few boards up to grab a few quick rupees and then decided to stay put. They could offer anything from snacks and cold drinks to camera rolls (remember those?) to tacky souvenirs to some famous … Continue reading

On the way to Manali

A Hindu temple with clear Buddhist overtones. Hindu religious architecture changes as you move from one India state to another. There are several variants across the country; like Hindu beliefs, the architecture also never followed a single canon. 🙂

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Chhoi waterfalls

A panoramic view of the waterfalls. Standing on a sloping rock was probably not the best choice of spots for taking this shot! 😀


Chhoi waterfalls, it took as almost a couple of hours to reach it, but it was worth it. Nestled in green foliage, its stones bedecked with verdant moss and ferns, and surrounded by silence; it was a perfect spot to spend some quiet time in. Ok, with three noisy kids, we didn’t get that chance. … Continue reading

Heidelberg – 38

After all the walking and clicking I had to rest my weary feet and listen to my stomach. Schloss Heidelberg has a historic restaurant, the Backhaus. The food was nice and the wine even better. My friend ordered a flammenkuchen and I had veal sausage. Yum! Both dishes were fresh and tasty, and moderately priced. … Continue reading

Heidelberg – 37

A behind the scenes look at how medicines were prepared. Given that botanical specimens formed the bulk of raw material, it’s not surprising that most implements here were geared for processing them. Some of these are still in use in kitchens today! 🙂

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