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Two Phrase Story #25

I provide the first phrase and you complete the sentence and we see in how many different directions one thought can be taken…. This week’s phrase “I read the last page…..” My attempt “…….and closed my eyes, letting the story continue in my mind.” Your turn!

Mundane Mondays #37

Two phrase story #13

I give the first phrase and you think up the second, and together we make a story, or a joke, or anything you might want it be. “His mind was not at rest……” My attempt “…….it traveled every moment with her on her journey.” Your turn!

Two phrase story #9

I provide the first phrase, you complete the thought and who knows where you might lead the train? “A breeze parted the curtains……”   “………but the frosted glass doors were shut”   Your turn. 🙂

Two Phrase Story #5

He signed his name with a flourish…….. Muttering to himself, “The black often stops the red.” Your turn!

Two phrase story

“He sat under a beautiful vivid green bower…. …. But green was still monochromatic.” Your turn.

Two Phrase Story #4

“She turned the ignition off………”       …….and lay back, hearing the rain batter the windscreen. Your turn.

I’m calling my game “Two Phrase Story”

I started this last week and I had high hopes  (Why only high, why not wide as well?) that it would catch on, people would post it on their blogs and then so on. Hubris strikes the scaliest too! Anyhow, to tweak the one rule a little (and I know few of you followed the … Continue reading

Childhood revisited

Took the day off from work to take my daughter to her pre-school orientation. They ask some parent/guardian to come along the first few days so the child isn’t overwhelmed by the new environment. The play area reminded me so much of my early school days. Grass and sand, not cement underfoot. Shady mango trees … Continue reading