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Couplet – Safi Lakhnawi 

ग़ज़ल उसने छेड़ी मुझे साज़ देना ज़रा उम्र-ए-रफ्ता को आवाज़ देना Ghazal usne chhedi, mujhe saaz dena Zara umr-e-rafta ko awaaz dena She sings, someone hand me my lute Someone call back my departed youth! 

One liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Omar Khayyam predicted touch-screen phones centuries ago. You want proof? “The moving finger writes…….”. Brr, chilly!

Tiered Haiku

5-7-5 When shall it be so? I couldn’t say, once dear friend But soon I am sure 3-5-3 No tears please Don’t hide your relief Change the crease 1-3-1 Free Dead to be Me   Wanted to give it a shot, for a change.

Couplet – Allama Iqbal

लाज़िम है दिल के साथ रहे पासबान-ए- अकल लेकिन कभी कभी इसे तन्हा भी छोड़ दे It is right for the heart to be guarded by the mind It is better, at times, to leave the guard behind.

Thomas Hardy

‘All comedy is tragedy, if you only look deep enough into it,’ My grandfather always called him the greatest English author never to have received the Nobel… For more interesting facts on Thomas Hardy, head here.