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Looking Into The Mirror

Originally posted on The World Is A Book…:
These two photos seem to reflect a life journey. The young girl, who sits inside of the window playing with her iPad, soon will be turning into a beautiful, smart lady, like the one sitting right outside of the window. The second photo seems to tell a story of how a…


Couplet (mine)

हुआ क्या जाएगा इन चंद तिनकों के उड़ाने में ये वीरां हो चुकी बस्ती सो अब क्या ख़ाक उजड़ेगी?   Hua kya jaayega in chand tinkon ke uDaane mein? Yeh veeraan ho chuki basti, so ab kya khaak ujDegee?   What pain if you tear up a weed? These ruins won’t go again to seed……   … Continue reading


I was but a faded verse Annotated on a page Not one stroke could I reverse Though I struggled for an age   The dog-eared corner of the book Half-hidden like a venal sin Turned down, so you’d overlook The dark inked stain that lay within   And time helped further to erase And no … Continue reading

Couplet – Safi Lakhnawi 

ग़ज़ल उसने छेड़ी मुझे साज़ देना ज़रा उम्र-ए-रफ्ता को आवाज़ देना Ghazal usne chhedi, mujhe saaz dena Zara umr-e-rafta ko awaaz dena She sings, someone hand me my lute Someone call back my departed youth! 

Magnetic poetry challenge

Doug over at Elusivetrope, has started this very interesting challenge, magnetic poetry. Head over to his blog to understand the challenge and links on how to create a magnetic poem of your own (poem not guaranteed to hold its readers spellbound by its magnetism). I found it a good test of my poetic faculties. My … Continue reading

Jane’s poetry challenge

Here’s my entry to Jane’s poetry challenge . It’s a fun way to get your creative juices going and she does it weekly. I hope you go over and have a look! She provides some prompt words to compose a verse around and even posts a picture to help you along. 🙂 It was a bright … Continue reading

Jane’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

Jane Dougherty has this lovely poetry challenge on her blog. Every Wednesday she puts up a few words, and you are challenged to conjure up a poem using them all, and leave a link to your creation in the comments section.  There’s even a painting or a picture to kickstart your imagination. This week’s challenge (ok … Continue reading

No it’s not

If you can’t rhyme a rose Then why not call it prose? If words do not obey And meters slip away Then why not call it prose?   A lovely thought arose It was perfect, or close You grabbed a pen and wrote But it struck false a note Why can’t you call it prose?   You … Continue reading

Couplet (Ghalib)

है कहां तमन्ना का दूसरा क़दम या रब हमने दश्त-ए-इम्काँ को एक नक्श-ए-पा पाया   Hai kahaan tamanna ka doosra qadam ya rab? Humney dasht-e-imqaan ko ek naqsh-e-pa paaya   Where should my passion tread, O Lord! One step did all the world afford!

From a death….

Who will cry when I die? Will I merit a single sigh? Will someone miss me by and by? Will someone please tell me a lie?