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Politics and morality?

I read this blog recently at atheistconnect.org http://www.atheistconnect.org/2011/10/10/herman-cain-jesus-and-the-perspective-of-history/ Now, since I’m too young to have seen the American Civil Rights movement live and too far removed geographically to understand how big a role it plays in modern American politics, I cannot comment on what David Stockin talks about here on that topic and its relevance … Continue reading


Baba re!

The Baba Ramdev was forcibly evicted from the Ramlila grounds in Delhi on Saturday night. He had been holding a non-violent political protest rally there for the past couple of days. Apparently at 11:30 PM, the police decided that the sleeping demonstrators constituted a law and order risk and had to be dispersed. What followed … Continue reading

India v/s China

The thing that got my goat more than the joint US-China statement saying China had a big role to play in South Asia, a region that India sees as its area of influence, was our response to the statement. Our government was literally foaming at the mouth, our media was in paroxysms about our “loss … Continue reading

BJP- bad or a necessary evil?

Watched a debate on the future of the BJP yesterday. They were discussing if whether the RSS was interfering with the day-to-day working of the BJP and if it was right or appropriate. It got me thinking as to what the future held in store for the BJP. Never been a fan, never will either. … Continue reading

Why Mayawati is bad for Indian polity

I hear a lot about Mayawati and how she has an outside chance to even become the next PM. I’ve seen her consolidate her base in UP and make inroads into neighboring states like Haryana and MP. Her initial strategy is to establish her base and split the vote banks of the ruling parties, mostly … Continue reading

The Indian Tamasha pt. 1

A five stage election and it just seems to be getting bigger every time! As India goes to the polls over the next couple of months, a few things strike me, apart form the obvious ones that there is no morality in politics anymore and that politicians are the most fickle bunch of people in … Continue reading