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The Longest August – my review

History is not science. This fact is so strongly forced upon the reader by Dilip Hiro that it cannot but color every aspect of the narrative you have in your hand. “The Longest August” is a catchy title and promises a cold, hard look at the origins and development of one of the trickiest and … Continue reading

Two Phrase Story #25

I provide the first phrase and you complete the sentence and we see in how many different directions one thought can be taken…. This week’s phrase “I read the last page…..” My attempt “…….and closed my eyes, letting the story continue in my mind.” Your turn!

A Universe From Nothing: Why There is Something rather than Nothing – My Review

The author fails to explain his central thesis, which is how he perhaps succeeds. Once you read this book you might appreciate the quirky wit in the opening sentence, and see how inevitable it truly is. If you can wrap your head around that preamble, go ahead and read this book. Be warned, this is … Continue reading


Here’s a link to my goodreads 2015 booklist. I thought I’d have read more than the 20 I’ve added there.

This or That?

Challenge hosted by Rae @ BookmarkChronicles. This week’s challenge is…. Do you buy your books at physical bookstores (like B&N)                              OR Do you buy them online (from places similar to Amazon) I’ve been buying from flipkart and amazon for over an year now. I refuse to spend 10k at a bookstore and have the … Continue reading

Mussourie and Landour – Days of wine and roses — My review

Just a small review on goodreads.com… Here’s the link.


Yesterday’s post reminded me of this picture lying around. I planned to post it, but it slipped through the cracks. Happens. It’s about as full as can be. This is the pile of unread books I’m getting around to these days. It would have been smaller but I went crazy buying more than I should … Continue reading