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Sex and happiness?

Victo over at doctorly asked a question in her recent post. Does sex lead to happiness or is happiness in sex because two people feel close enough to have and enjoy sex? I don’t think I’ve answered that question, but I re-read my reply and found it mad enough to post it myself, for those … Continue reading



Six replies, three “meh”s. I think I won’t do it.

Just a quick question?

Just wanted to know. This poll is online for 12 hours, starting 3:15 AM UTC

Shared from Rambling Rose’s blog.

Tips for Photography, Prayer … and Life. – http://wp.me/p3965H-ph. It’s an interesting read, and gave me the idea of appending my advice to the article. Maybe one of you will add yours to this post and repost it forward and so on. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? My advice? Take a deep breath. Feel … Continue reading