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An evening along the Rhine – 5

The sun had set a long time back, and the hour was late. The restaurant was at least a couple of hours past its normal closing time when I took these shots. Thanks for a lovely evening JB!

An evening along the Rhine – 2

A panoramic view of the vista before our eyes from where we sat to dine.

The ferry to the rock

The second ferry finally arrived  and we clambered on. It took it’s lazy, circuitous route to the landing platform at the base of the rock, giving us some lovely views of Rheinfall head-on. The shutter speed on the picture below is 1/320th of a second, that should give some idea of the flow of the … Continue reading


My first view of Rheinfall, climbing up to Laufen castle.. I went for a broody mood for the pic

My last panoramic shot

A little over-exposed on Auto, but it was a lovely view (to me) so I’m sharing it.

An evening along the Rhine – 9

As it grew darker, the city poured light onto the darkening waters of the Rhine….

An evening along the Rhine – 8

For some reason the yellow lighting reminded me of Diwali, maybe partly because the owners of this particular establishment were Indian. They didn’t speak a word of Hindi though.

An evening along the Rhine – 7

An evening along the Rhine – 6

An evening along the Rhine – 5

Off to find another eating joint..